New old new. Or old new old.

Recently I changed web/mailhost. Had the old one for almost 11 years! The past 2-3 years it slowly became worse. I procrastinated, but finally did it. It was not trivial. Glad it is over.

The blog move was not that hard, and I initially had it in a subfolder, as I thought of changing to a static page blog engine. That will not happen any time soon, so I am back on this original URL. Many links are broken, as the folder structure of the media catalogue disappeared. The images are not lost. Just me, at times.

Otherwise it works as intented. Will fix links mañana.

Using ClassicPress, which is WP pre-5.

Hey ho!

Addendum Dec 16: Think I fixed all images now. Broken external links I will not bother with. There is always the wayback machine 🙂